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Client Services


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Clinical Labs of Hawaii has a dedicated team with a wealth of medical testing knowledge ready to help you with all your testing needs. We combine years of lab experience on the bench and customer service expertise to answer your laboratory questions. We assist providers, patients, office staff, and more throughout the Hawaiian islands.

We Are Here To Help


Below are a few of the many services we offer:

  • Provide information about what tests can be ordered and the locations where testing is performed
  • Track the status of a particular test and provide copies of patient results
  • Notify medical providers of critical and stat priority test results
  • Handle issues related to testing that require provider or patient follow up
  • Assist with test directory information, specimen requirements, turnaround times, and add-on tests
  • Present fee schedules
  • Staff a send out specialist team to assist with esoteric tests
  • Help with research in identifying costs, insurance requirements, and locations for specialized (e.g. genetic) tests

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