About Us


Clinical Labs of Hawaii (CLH) and Pan Pacific Pathologists were founded in 1971, by Dr. Moon S. Park. Upon completion of his pathology training at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Park brought his vision of providing quality laboratory testing to the healthcare providers and patients of Hawaii to reality by opening his first laboratory in Hilo. Today, Clinical Labs of Hawaii has more than 850 employees and 50+ locations throughout the Hawaiian islands. The focus and vision have remained the same; quality patient care with best in class technology and service.


Clinical Labs of Hawaii is ... Close. Connected. Caring.


Clinical Labs of Hawaii and Pan Pacific Pathologists take great pride in supporting and promoting healthcare. Throughout the year CLH hosts and supports events such as health fairs, conferences, and charitable programs to better serve our community.


Clinical Labs of Hawaii is ... part of something bigger.


In 2008 Clinical Labs of Hawaii became a member of Sonic Healthcare Ltd. Sonic is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.  Since its establishment in 1987, Sonic Healthcare has grown to become the world’s third largest pathology/laboratory medicine company with operations in eight countries.  Sonic’s success stems from the belief that a global culture of Medical Leadership leads to the delivery of outstanding medical services.  Learn more about our medical leadership, values, and foundation principles below.