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Welcome to Clinical Labs of Hawaii (CLH)!  This page provides information about the multiple ways patients may view results.

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Lab Results for Minors

CLH provides multiple options to view test results for minors.

Option 1 - Request COVID Results to Patient (RTP) notifications

Option 2 - COVID report search for minors (in the Patient Portal)

  • Click here, sign in, and follow onscreen prompts.
  • Use the lab accession number to retrieve results.
  • Call 808.679.4222 from 8AM to 4PM for assistance.

Option 3 - Secure email of COVID-19 test results

Option 4 - Setup proxy access

  • Click here to see the required steps.
  • Proxy access setup requires more work for those who want to see all lab results (not just COVID-19 reports).

Request COVID Results to Patient (RTP)

CLH provides notifications when COVID-19 test results are ready for view.
(Please wait until 24 hours after specimen collection to submit your COVID Results to Patient (RTP) request.)

Step 1  -  Confirm your email address

Step 2  -  Provide patient verification information required to request COVID Results to Patient (RTP) notifications

Step 3  -  Retrieve results when notified

Confirm your email address

Review FAQ

Clinical Labs of Hawaii provides access to your medical information.  Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to learn more about patient access to medical records.

Review FAQ