Test Updates


Clinical Labs of Hawaii provides test updates for educational purposes to physicians, specialists, and the general public.


Test UpdateDate

Coagulation Testing Reference Range Update

Coagulation Testing Reference Range Update - Fibrinogen and Heparin Therapeutic Range updates


Cancer Antigen 27-29 Update

Cancer Antigen 27-29 Update- Testing performed at ARUP Laboratories effective June 18, 2018.


Biotin Testing Update

Biotin Testing Update - More on biotin interference and updates from our manufacturer, Roche.


C-Reactive Protein Testing Update

CRP Testing Update - Effective May 1 , 2018 there are two test code options for C-Reactive Protein: CRP Quantitative (for Adults and Pediatrics) and Highly Sensitive CRP.


Mumps Testing

Mumps Testing Update for November 2017


Test Update - New Core Lab Reference Ranges

As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality medical laboratory services, Clinical Labs of Hawaii is updating our core analyzers to Roche Cobas® technology. Comprehensive validation studies were performed and the reference range for select tests will be modified according to standard of care and with strict adherence to CAP guidelines.  Reference ranges for these select tests will be updated effective June 5, 2017 at our Core Lab. Statewide implementation will then take place in region-specific phases.


Medicare Update - Diabetes Screening Policy

According to Medicare (ICN 006559 October 2016), Hemoglobin A1C (cpt code 83036) testing is not considered a screening test for Medicare patients.


C.difficile GDH + Toxin Reflex to PCR Update

PCR testing is now available on Kauai.


Fluid Cell Count Test Update

New test method and report format


Test Update - Biotin Interference

Clinical Labs of Hawaii joins with other professional societies and recommends withholding administration (when clinicaly feasible) for at least 8 hours before laboratory testing.